Black Spot

  • (noun): Any of several fungous diseases of plants that produce small black spots on the plant.

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Pirate Master - Voting History
... Alexis Joe Don Officer Officer Officer Officer Azmyth Nessa Kendra Black Spot Black Spot Captain Pirate Master Christa John Christian Cheryl Cheryl ...
Black Spot (Treasure Island)
... The Black Spot is a literary device invented by Robert Louis Stevenson for his novel Treasure Island ... In the book, pirates are presented with a "black spot" to officially pronounce a verdict of guilt or judgment ... Later Long John Silver receives the spot, but is calm enough to notice that it has been torn out from a Bible, and warns his associates of the ill luck this will bring upon them ...
Colotis Amata - Description
... The costa on the forewing is black and thickly overlaid with greyish or pinkish scales a black spot at apex of cell, which may be large and quadrate or smaller and lunate termen broadly black, with an ... margin extended to just within the upper margin of the cell, covered with dense black specialized scales this black band joined on to a broad similarly ... Underside greenish yellow an anticiliary fine black line on both fore and hind wings the black markings of the upperside show through by transparency ...
Treasure Island - Plot Summary
... novel opens in the seaside village of Black Hill Cove in south-west England (to Stevenson, in his letters and in the related fictional play Admiral Guinea, near Barnstaple, Devon ... Bones is visited by a mysterious sailor named Black Dog ... Their meeting turns violent, Black Dog flees and Bones suffers a stroke ...
Castalius Rosimon - Description - Male
... Forewing has the costa, apex and termen edged with black, the edging much broader on apex and termen base outwards for a short distance more or less densely overlaid ... blue scales which cover and make indistinct a large basal outwardly clavate black spot a transverse black oval spot on the discocellulars touching the black edging on the costa an ... Hind wing three basal black somewhat coalescent spots overlaid with metallic blue scaling the costal margin above the subcostal vein and vein 7 black this colour filling also the base of interspace 6, where in ...

Famous quotes containing the words spot and/or black:

    One of the most difficult aspects of being a parent during the middle years is feeling powerless to protect our children from hurt. However “growthful” it may be for them to experience failure, disappointment and rejection, it is nearly impossible to maintain an intellectual perspective when our sobbing child or rageful child comes in to us for help. . . . We can’t turn the hurt around by kissing the sore spot to make it better. We are no longer the all-powerful parent.
    Ruth Davidson Bell (20th century)

    Stories of law violations are weighed on a different set of scales in the Black mind than in the white. Petty crimes embarrass the community and many people wistfully wonder why Negroes don’t rob more banks, embezzle more funds and employ graft in the unions.... This ... appeals particularly to one who is unable to compete legally with his fellow citizens.
    Maya Angelou (b. 1928)