Big Willy

Big Willy or Big Willie may refer to:

  • Bill Clinton
  • Willis Tower
  • Big Willy
See also
  • Big Bill (disambiguation)
  • Big Willie Style, the debut studio album by Will Smith

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List Of Destroy All Humans! Characters - Main Series Characters - Orthopox 13
... All Humans! 2 and Destroy All Humans! 3, Pox opens a new restaurant called Big Willy's ... leaves lying around and feeding them back to the people as hot dogs in the Big Willy Franchise ... and by Darryl Kurylo in Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed ...
Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed - Plot
... Big Willy Unleashed takes place before the events of Path of the Furon and after Destroy All Humans! 2 ... and his mentor, Orthopox 13, attempt to support the popularity of Big Willy, a fast food restaurant Orthopox owns ... Pox reveals that the Big Willy food franchise is actually a scheme to dispose of the human bodies Crypto leaves lying around ...
List Of Destroy All Humans! Characters - Major Supporting Characters - Big Willy Unleashed - Secondary
... Big Willy Mascot of the Big Willy franchise and pilotable mech ... She is defeated by Crypto in his Big Willy robot while trying to destroy the Big Willy Restaurant with a tank she also states that she was only doing this to get ... disintegrator pistols, hired by Kluckin to help him destroy the Big Willy Franchise ...

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