Berthier may refer to:

Berthier, a member of the Black Moon Clan, the primary villains in the Sailor Moon R manga and anime series In places:

  • Berthier (provincial electoral district), in Quebec, Canada
  • Berthier (electoral district)

People with the surname Berthier:

  • Jacques Berthier, Taizé composer
  • Louis-Alexandre Berthier, general, Marshal of France
  • Pierre Berthier, geologist (1782-1861)

In weapons:

  • Berthier rifle
  • Berthier carbine
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Other articles related to "berthier":

Louis-Joseph Moll
... He represented Berthier in the Legislative Assembly of Quebec from 1867 to 1871 as a Conservative ... to Quebec in 1845 and entered the practice of medicine at Berthier ... Moll died in Berthier at the age of 55 ...
La Grande Armée - Staff System - Army General Headquarters
... the earliest collaboration of Napoleon and Berthier, its organization was more or less fixed and it would see only slight changes during the later campaigns of the Empire ... of Staff in the Grande Armée became almost synonymous with Marshal Louis Alexandre Berthier, who occupied this position in almost all the major campaigns of Napoleon ... The General Headquarters was Berthier's unique domain and the Emperor respected this demarcation ...
Berthier Carbine
... The Berthier carbine (French Mlousqueton Berthier) was a French service rifle adopted in 1892, which was widely used during the First and Second World War ... One of the prototypes submitted was designed by Émile Berthier, a mechanical engineer in La Compagnie Bône-Guelma (one of the five subsidiary companies ... Berthier's design was adopted in 1890 ...
Paul Berthier
... Paul Berthier (1884–1953) was the co-founder of Manécanterie des Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois in 1906 ... Gall and father of the composer and organist Jacques Berthier (1923–1994) ...