Batman Incorporated

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Batmen Of All Nations - Fictional Organization History - Recent History
... A three-issue story arc in Batman #667-669, written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by J.H ... They later join Batman Incorporated ... Wingman has changed his look and resembles Batman even more than he originally did ...
Halo (comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Batman Incorporated
... of a new team of Outsiders, led by Red Robin and funded by Batman Incorporated ... status to perform covert missions for Batman ...
Batman Characters - Batman Family - Current Members
... Batman (Bruce Wayne) – The "patriarch" of the team, young Bruce Wayne witnessed the brutal murder of his parents as a child, and used this trauma and ... Recently, Wayne revealed to the public that he had been secretly funding Batman's activities for years (stopping short of admitting that he is Batman) and would use a new corporation, Batman Incorporated, to take ... In the DC Universe, Batman is seen as something of an outlaw, although holds a high reputation with many people due to his status as a member of the Justice League ...

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