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Bass Drum - History
... The earliest known predecessor to the bass drum was the Turkish davul, a cylindrical drum that featured two thin heads ... When struck, the davul produced a sound much deeper than that of the other drums in existence ... made up of davul, cymbal and kettle drum players ...
Marching Percussion - Bass Drums
... Bass drums used by modern ensembles come in a variety of sizes, with a 14-inch (360 mm) "universal" depth, and diameter measured in 2-inch (51 mm) increments from 14 to 36 inches (910 mm) ... The heads of these drums are usually made of a smooth white PET film, which gives a tonality that is mid-way between clear and coated heads ... Unlike tenors and snares, bass drums are mounted so that the cylindrical shell of the drum is mounted on the player's harness and the two drum heads of the drum face out sideways ...
Animations - Animusic 2: A New Computer Animation Video Album
... Track listing Starship Groove Instruments in the order they're presented Violet Bass synth Two-part drum kit Red Lead synth Two flash light tower Two flash pulses Yellow Plucked synth Most ... they're presented Two hammered chapman stick (one lead, one backup) Hammered bass guitar (an updated version from 'Stick Figures' the bass now has ... His "friends" are the drum kit playing sticks and the stick xylophone and stick metallophone ...
Gong Bass Drum - Gong Drum in Recordings
... Gong bass drums were first produced by Tama in the late 1970s, and have since been used by artists such as Billy Cobham, Neil Peart of Rush, Stewart Copeland of The Police, Tim Alexander of ... Pearl's similar suspended bass drums have been used by Chris Slade formerly of AC/DC and Joey Jordison of Slipknot ... Spaun and Drum Workshop also offer their own versions of gong bass drums ...
Marching Percussion - Stick Heights - Bass Drums
... Bass Drums do not use the same guidelines as snares and tenors ... Below are the guidelines for bass drum heights ... To practice playing with accurate stick heights, set up your drum or pad in front of a mirror ...

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    It was soldiers went marching over the rocks
    And still the birds came, came in watery flocks,
    Because it was spring and the birds had to come.
    No doubt that soldiers had to be marching
    And that drums had to be rolling, rolling, rolling.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    How are we to know that a Dracula is a key-pounding pianist who lifts his hands up to his face, or that a bass fiddle is the doghouse, or that shmaltz musicians are four-button suit guys and long underwear boys?
    In New York City, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)