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South Maury Island Environmental Issues - Mining Expansion Via Barges On Maury Island
... Glacier Northwest plans mainly on using barges, supported and supplemented by a new dock system - which they have yet to gain permission to construct (Preserve Our Islands, April 26) - to transport the ... The company asserts that their reasons for using barge transportation are based on environmental and economic principles, including avoiding the costs and ... The economic viability of this strategy is clear one barge of aggregate is equal to approximately 115 trucks (Ron Summers, April 25), but both the use of the barge and construction of a new dock have other ...
American Theater (1914–1918) - Attacks On The USA - Attack On Orleans
... It then opened fire on a tugboat, the Perth Amboy, and its four barges ... quickly sent to the bottom and U-156 then started firing upon the barges ... The barges sank and American aircraft arrived ...
List Of Minor Tugs Characters - Barges - Pearl
... Pearl is an oyster barge, she made her only brief appearance in "Warrior", working with Sunshine and Little Ditcher out in the estuary ...
Steamboats Of The Mississippi - Reconstruction
... Stern wheelers proved more adaptable than side wheelers for barges ... palaces began to appear on the freight barges salt, hay, iron ore, and grain were carried ... By 1850, a system of moving barges and log rafts lashed alongside and ahead of the towboat was developed which allowed greater control than towing on a hawser ...

Famous quotes containing the word barges:

    The river sweats
    Oil and tar
    The barges drift
    With the turning tide
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)