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Sons and Daughters of The Town

  • Johannes Althusius (1563–1638) legal scholar and politician from Bad Berleburg-Diedenshausen
  • Jacob Nolde (1859–1916) attained great wealth in the United States in the hosiery industry and was an environmentalist largely responsible for the creation of Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center in Pennsylvania.
  • Johann Friedrich Henschel (1931- ) born in Bad Berleburg-Schwarzenau, until 1995 vice-president of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany.
  • Gerhard Dickel (1938–2003) born in Bad Berleburg-Girkhausen, Church Music Director, cantor, organist and music professor in Hamburg.
  • Paul Breuer (1950-) born in Bad Berleburg-Berghausen, Member of the Bundestag 1980-2003, since 2003 Landrat of the Siegen-Wittgenstein district.
  • Norbert Dickel (1961- ) born in Bad Berleburg-Berghausen, German football player, stadium announcer for Borussia Dortmund
  • Pia Wunderlich (1975- ) born in Bad Berleburg-Schwarzenau, German football player (since 1993 1. FFC Frankfurt)
  • Tina Wunderlich (1977- ) born in Bad Berleburg-Schwarzenau, German football player (since 1994 1. FFC Frankfurt)

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