Artillery Fire

  • (noun): Fire delivered by artillery.
    Synonyms: cannon fire

Some articles on artillery, artillery fire, fire:

Military Operations During The Turkish Invasion Of Cyprus - Attila 2 Offensive - 14 August 1974
... On the Eastern sector, the Turkish Navy, Airforce and artillery began firing at the Greek coalition positions at 630 am for about 30 minutes ... The Greek counter-artillery fire was not enough to silence the Turkish fire ... The Turkish Air Force started hitting the retreating Greek forces and the Greek-Cypriot artillery battalions started retreating to the east as well ...
Timeline Of The 2008 South Ossetia War - Detailed Timeline - August 7: Georgian Attacks of Tskhinvali
... of overnight and early morning intensive fire increased to eighteen on its side ... Prisi, Avnevi, Dvani and Nuli came under mortar fire late on August 6 ... It said that the South Ossetian village of Ubiat in the Znauri district came under fire ...
Battle Of Charlestown - Battle
... Meanwhile, back in Charlestown, Imboden brought up his artillery, and again demanded the garrison's surrender, which was rebuked for a second time, whereupon Imboden began to ... Under the artillery fire, Simpson was forced to abandon the courthouse and marched his men to a field northwest of town, not far from the earlier cavalry engagement ... The artillery fire had not gone unnoticed in nearby Harpers Ferry the 17th Indiana battery, Cole's Maryland Cavalry, and the remainder of the Loudoun Rangers and 6th ...
Battle Of Bardia - Battle - Bardia Falls
... Battalion began its advance on schedule at 0900, but the lead platoon came under heavy machine gun fire from Post 54, and Italian artillery knocked out the supporting mortars ... The 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery engaged the Italian guns and the platoon withdrew ... a formal attack on Post 54 for 1330, following a bombardment of the post by artillery and mortars ...
Battle Of Kassel (1945) - Battle
... were forced to retreat when their unit was subjected to heavy artillery fire ... Division approached Kassel from the south, but were forced to halt by fire from the RAD anti-aircraft battery positioned on the Dönche training ground (51°17′21″N 09°25′56″E ... On April 2, the Americans again responded with heavy artillery fire, destroying the RAD AA battery ...

Famous quotes containing the words fire and/or artillery:

    These violent delights have violent ends
    And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
    Which as they kiss consume.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    We now demand the light artillery of the intellect; we need the curt, the condensed, the pointed, the readily diffused—in place of the verbose, the detailed, the voluminous, the inaccessible. On the other hand, the lightness of the artillery should not degenerate into pop-gunnery—by which term we may designate the character of the greater portion of the newspaper press—their sole legitimate object being the discussion of ephemeral matters in an ephemeral manner.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1845)