Ariel (Robotech) - Secondary Continuity

Secondary Continuity

In the now decanonized Robotech novels by Jack McKinney, it was surmised that the Regis used DNA from Marlene Rush (recovered from the wreckage of the Mars Attack Group) and that was the basis for Ariel's human form. That is why Scott originally viewed her as Marlene. In book 18, "The End of the Ciricle", after she is brought in for questioning the original Marlene Rush's parents (despite the fact her hair is red, and her blood is green) are positive that Ariel/Marlene is in fact their daughter. The incident causes a rift between Scott and the Rushs.

At the conclusion of the book Scott, his love declared for Marlene/Ariel, reconciles with Mr. and Mrs. Rush and proposes to Marlene/Ariel.

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