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Greenlaw V. United States - Opinion of The Court
... That is, we rely on the parties to frame the issues for decision and assign to the courts the role of neutral arbiter of matters the parties present." As relevant to ... Without such a notice of appeal, the rule has historically been that an appellate court may not alter the judgment of the lower court to benefit a ... that affects substantial rights may be considered even though it was not brought to the court's attention." When Congress enacted the Federal Rules of ...
Federal Rules Of Evidence
... of facts by which parties in the United States federal court system may prove their cases, both civil and criminal ... primarily serve to govern federal trial courts rather than appellate courts, as appellate courts, due to their function and scope address very few questions touching upon the facts of ... Appellate courts do, however, monitor the application of the rules to ensure consistent application and coherent development of the federal common law of evidence ...
State Supreme Court - Appellate Jurisdiction
... Under American federalism, the interpretation of a state supreme court on a matter of state law is normally final and binding and must be accepted in both state and federal courts ... Federal courts may overrule a state court only when there is a federal question, which is to say, a specific issue (such as consistency with the Federal Constitution) that gives rise to federal ... Rulings of state supreme courts on such matters may be appealed directly to the Supreme Court of the United States ...
Rapanos V. United States - Subsequent Developments
... Chief Justice Roberts observed that the lower courts would likely look to Marks v ... Marks provides that, “hen a fragmented Court decides a case and no single rationale explaining the result enjoys the assent of five Justices, the holding of the Court may be viewed ... Cundiff ultimately avoided the question, because those courts determined that the evidence presented was adequate to support federal jurisdiction under either standard ...
Court System Of Canada - Outline of The Court System - Appellate Courts of The Provinces and Territories
... These courts of appeal (as listed below by province and territory in alphabetical order) exist at the provincial and territorial levels and were separately constituted in the early decades ... rendered by the superior-level courts and to deliver references when requested by a provincial or territorial government as the Supreme Court does for the federal government ... These appellate courts do not normally conduct trials or hear witnesses ...

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