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At the beginning of the first series of books, Annabeth had a crush on Luke. As the series progressed, she comes to terms with his betrayal, as well as her developing feelings for Percy. In Battle of the Labyrinth, when she believes he is going to die, she kisses Percy, and is visibly moved when he returns to camp. In The Last Olympian, she resolves her feelings for Luke, telling him that she always considered him more of a brother, and never loved him and she begins a relationship with Percy. In The Lost Hero when Percy is missing, she is desperately trying to find him. She mentions too that both Percy and her were in a relationship.

Annabeth and Percy first become friends in The Lightning Thief. She explains that she will fight alongside Percy, despite their parents' rivalry, because he is her friend.

In The Sea of Monsters Annabeth reveals some feelings for Percy. She hugged him when he was turned back into a human (he was a guinea pig at the time thanks to Circe) and allowed Percy to hold her while she cried when she heard the sirens. Also toward the end of the book she kisses Percy on the cheek after they won the race.

In The Titan's Curse Percy and Annabeth dance before she is kidnapped. When he saves her, they finish the dance on Mount Olympus.

Annabeth shows strong feelings for Percy in The Battle of the Labyrinth. She hugs him for a long time when she tries to explain that she is worried about losing Percy. She kissed him on the lips when Percy told her to leave because she would get killed by sea demons. After Annabeth sees Percy returns alive, she makes a scene of hugging him in front of the whole camp. She gets extremely jealous whenever Percy mentions Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

The Last Olympian is when she developed very strong feelings for Percy. She get frustrated with him because he can't see it. At the end, when Percy explains that in the River Styx he thought about her, She kisses him on the lips. Clarisse dumps them in the lake and Percy kisses her on the lips underwater: "and it was pretty much the best underwater kiss of all time," which starts their relationship,on August 18th, Percy's birthday.

In The Lost Hero, Annabeth searches desperately for Percy.

In The Son Of Neptune when Percy's memories get stripped by Hera/Juno, wife of Zeus, the only name he remembers is Annabeth. In the end of the book while Camp Half-Blood's ship is about to land in Camp Jupiter he is looking at it hoping for a glance at Annabeth.

In the first chapter of The Mark of Athena, Annabeth is frantically looking down from the ship to see Percy. The reunion was not in the first chapter. It is also revealed, (through the narration), that she secretly had a crush on him since they were 12, and that she "fell for him hard" the previous summer. Somewhere in the middle of the book, they spend a night together, cuddling and kissing before falling asleep in exhaustion, and were "chastised" (quite seriously) by Coach Hedge. Through Percy's narration in the book, it is shown that Percy loves Annabeth deeply, willing to do anything to make sure she is safe. At the end, when Annabeth was falling into Tartarus, Percy holds onto her. They both realize that it was hopeless. She tells him to let go, but he is unwilling to ever lose her again. They fall in together, holding hands.

In Demigod Diaries, Annabeth immediately assists Percy in finding Hermes' staff.

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