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G4 - Television
... G4 (TV channel), an American television channel G4 Canada, a Canadian television channel devoted to technology-related programming ...
Mineva Lao Zabi - Antagonists - Titans
... Throughout the rest of the series, the two of them are constantly at odds with each other, killing several other friends and loved ones until Kamille finally kills Jerid during the ... making him the primary antagonist of the series ... Throughout the course of the series, Scirocco along with his minions executed all kinds of underhanded plots to help him assume control over the Titans and eventually the Earth Sphere ...
List Of Shugo Chara! Characters - Main Characters - Amu Hinamori
... Amu Hinamori (日奈森 あむ, Hinamori Amu?), the series' protagonist, is a student of Seiyo Elementary ... Throughout the first half of the series, Amu had a crush on Tadase and blushed everytime she was in his presence ... In the end, she chooses Ikuto in the manga, but in the anime she chooses Tadase ...
List Of Shugo Chara! Characters - Main Characters - Utau Hoshina
... She has become good friends with Kukai in the anime and manga, and it is implied that Utau will start a relationship with him after he kisses her ... In the anime television series, Utau is voiced by Nana Mizuki ... In the anime television series, Il is voiced by Hiromi Konno ...

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    It is among the ranks of school-age children, those six- to twelve-year-olds who once avidly filled their free moments with childhood play, that the greatest change is evident. In the place of traditional, sometimes ancient childhood games that were still popular a generation ago, in the place of fantasy and make- believe play . . . today’s children have substituted television viewing and, most recently, video games.
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