Alien Language

Alien Language

Exolinguistics (also called xenolinguistics and astrolinguistics), is the hypothetical study of the language of alien species. The nature and form of such languages remains purely speculative because so far no search for extraterrestrial intelligence projects have detected signs of intelligent life beyond Earth. The possibility of future contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life has made the question of the structure and form of potential alien language a topic of scientific and philosophical discussion.

In addition to creating academic debate, the potential nature of an alien language has also been tackled by science-fiction writers. Some have created fictional languages for their characters to use; others have circumvented the problem by proposing translation devices like the universal translator, or by creating universal languages that all involved species can speak.

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... The book contains what was probably the first alien language in any work of fiction. ...
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... the late 22nd century on Earth for the instant translation of well-known Earth languages ... Gradually, with the removal of language barriers, Earth’s disparate cultures came to terms of universal peace ... Translations of previously unknown languages, such as those of aliens, required more difficulties to be overcome ...
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... The first alien language in a work of science fiction may have been Percy Greg's Martian language in his 1880 novel Across the Zodiac ... fiction genre developed, so did the use of alien languages ... Some science-fiction works operate on the premise that alien languages can be easily learned if one has a competent understanding of the nature of languages ...
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... The Al Bhed language in Final Fantasy X is actually a substitution cipher, although it is pronounced phonetically (i.e ... The language in Starfox Adventures Dinosaur Planet spoken by native Saurians and Krystal is also a substitution cipher of the English alphabet ... all 26 letters were replaced by symbols and called "Alien Language" ...

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    This is of the loon—I do not mean its laugh, but its looning,—is a long-drawn call, as it were, sometimes singularly human to my ear,—hoo-hoo-ooooo, like the hallooing of a man on a very high key, having thrown his voice into his head. I have heard a sound exactly like it when breathing heavily through my own nostrils, half awake at ten at night, suggesting my affinity to the loon; as if its language were but a dialect of my own, after all.
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