• (verb): Say yes to.
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As The Poets Affirm
... As The Poets Affirm was a Canadian independent rock band formed in 2001 in Ottawa, Ontario ... As The Poets Affirm disbanded in 2007 after a summer of playing Ottawa's Bluesfest, and recording a final album at Little Bullhorn Studios, which is yet to be officially ...
Charles Bradlaugh - Parliament - Second Select Committee
... with Quaker MP Joseph Pease who was permitted to affirm, and Jewish MPs Baron Lionel de Rothschild and David Salomons who were eventually allowed to take the Oath while omitting the words "on ... should the Committee decide he had no right to affirm, he would take the oath and regard it as binding on his conscience ... legal, and therefore recommended that if Bradlaugh sought to affirm, he should be allowed to do so in order that such an action be brought to clarify the law ...
Spiritualism (beliefs) - Beliefs - Modern Spiritualism
3- We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith, constitute true religion. 4- We affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death. 5- We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism ...
Logical Quality - The Indian Tradition
... You can affirm that X is so, you can deny that X is so, you can neither-affirm-nor-deny that X is so, or you can both-affirm-and-deny that X is so ...

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    Life is extraordinarily suave and sweet with certain natural, witty, affectionate people who have unusual distinction and are capable of every vice, but who make a display of none in public and about whom no one can affirm they have a single one. There is something supple and secret about them. Besides, their perversity gives spice to their most innocent occupations, such as taking a walk in the garden at night.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    Like sleep disturbances, some worries at separation can be expected in the second year. If you accept this, then you will avoid reacting to this anxiety as if it’s your fault. A mother who feels guilty will appear anxious to the child, as if to affirm the child’s anxiety. By contrast, a parent who understands that separation anxiety is normal is more likely to react in a way that soothes and reassures the child.
    Cathy Rindner Tempelsman (20th century)

    You say your own soul supplies you with some sort of an idea or image of God. But at the same time you acknowledge you have, properly speaking, no idea of your own soul. You even affirm that spirits are a sort of beings altogether different from ideas. Consequently that no idea can be like a spirit. We have therefore no idea of any spirit.
    George Berkeley (1685–1753)