Access Control

Access control refers to exerting control over who can interact with a resource. Often but not always, this involves an authority, who does the controlling. The resource can be a given building, group of buildings, or computer-based information system.

Access control is, in reality, an everyday phenomenon. A lock on a car door is essentially a form of access control. A PIN on an ATM system at a bank is another means of access control. The possession of access control is of prime importance when persons seek to secure important, confidential, or sensitive information and equipment.

Item control or electronic key management is an area within (and possibly integrated with) an access control system which concerns the managing of possession and location of small assets or physical (mechanical) keys.

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... In public policy, access control to restrict access to systems ("authorization") or to track or monitor behavior within systems ("accountability") is an implementation feature of using trusted systems for security or ...
Security Descriptor
... Security descriptors contain discretionary access control lists (DACLs) that contain access control entries (ACEs) that grant and deny access to trustees such as users or groups ... They also contain a system access control list (SACLs) that control auditing of object access ... The order of ACEs in an ACL is important, with access denied ACEs appearing higher in the order than ACEs that grant access ...
Behavior Trees - Applications - Role-based Access Control
... To ensure correct implementation of complex access control requirements, it is important that the validated and verified requirements are effectively integrated with the rest of the ... An integrated, role-based access control model has been developed ... Using this model, access control requirements can be integrated with the rest of the system from the outset, because a single notation is used to express both access control and ...
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... and process interaction from malicious manipulation using a set of custom mandatory access control rules, with simplicity as its main design goal ... merged since the Linux 2.6.25 release, and was the main access control mechanism for the MeeGo mobile Operating System ...
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... The Interstate Highway System is the largest controlled-access highway network in the USA ... freeway is defined by the federal government's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices as a divided highway with full control of access ... First, adjoining property owners do not have a legal right of access, meaning that they cannot connect their lands to the highway by constructing driveways, although frontage roads provide access ...

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