Abdication occurs when a monarch, such as a King, Queen, Emperor, or Empress renounces their office.

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Anif Declaration - Publication
... returned to Munich the same day and the government under Eisner published the declaration as the abdication of Ludwig III ... politicians, shared the government's interpretation of the declaration as an abdication, others pointed out the discrepancy between its wording and its use by the government as a declaration of ... that the People's State of Bavaria (GermanVolksstaat Bayern) accepts the abdication of King Ludwig III and assures him and his family that they are free to return to Bavaria, like every other citizen, providing ...
List Of The Last Monarchs In The Americas - North America
... Napoleon III French defeated at Sedan Costa Rica Augustine I Abdication Cuba Alfonso XIII Spanish-American War Dominica Elizabeth II Granted independence by the U.K ... War Isabella II Spain's defeat in Dominican Restoration War El Salvador Augustine I Abdication Guadeloupe Napoleon III French defeated at Sedan Guatemala Augustine I Abdication Haiti Faustin I ...
Cultural Depictions Of Edward VIII Of The United Kingdom - Other
... calypsonian Lord Caresser, told the story of Edward's abdication and was the most popular calypso record in 1937 ... album Under The Influence refers to the abdication of Edvard VIII The Japanese all-female theatre troupe Takarazuka Revue adapted the story of Edward VIII's abdication into a romantic musical in ...
Abdication - List
... The following is a list of important abdications Lucius Tarquinius Superbus 510 BC (Roman Monarchy dissolved) King Wuling of Zhao 299 BC Lucius Cornelius Sulla 79 BC Diocletian AD 305 Romulus ...
Wilhelm II, German Emperor - Abdication and Flight
... has original text related to this article Statement of Abdication Wilhelm was at the Imperial Army headquarters in Spa, Belgium, when the uprisings in Berlin and other centres took ... growing revolutionary unrest, Wilhelm's abdication both as German Emperor and King of Prussia was abruptly announced by the Chancellor, Prince Max of Baden, on 9 November 1918 ... Wilhelm consented to the abdication only after Ludendorff's replacement, General Wilhelm Groener, had informed him that the officers and men of the army would march back in good ...

Famous quotes containing the word abdication:

    The abdication of Belief
    Makes the Behavior small—
    Better an ignis fatuus
    Than no illume at all.
    Emily Dickinson (1830–1886)