Zorba (Greek: Ζορμπά) may refer to:

  • Zorba the Greek, a 1946 novel by the Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis, about George Zorbas (Alexis Zorbas)
    • Zorba the Greek (film), a 1964 movie based on the novel
    • Zorba (musical), a musical based on the novel and film
    • Zorbas, a song by Mikis Theodorakis featured in the film
  • Zorba (Mastiff), world's largest dog, now deceased
  • Zorba (comics), a fictional character from Marvel Comics
  • Zorba Paster, physician and public radio personality
  • Zorba (bible study), a translator of the New Testament from Aramaic to Greek, postulated by advocates of Aramaic primacy
  • Sorik, a town in Armenia formerly called Zorba
  • a nickname of Peter Metropolis (born 1944), an Australian rules football player and administrator
  • George Zorbas, a Greek Macedonian miner.
  • George Zorbas, a Greek Macedonian miner.
  • Zorba (XQuery processor), an open source implementation of the XQuery query/programming language.

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