Zonal can refer to:

  • Zonal and meridional, directions on a globe
  • Zonal and poloidal, directions in a toroidal magnetically confined plasma
  • Zonal polynomial, a symmetric multivariate polynomial

Other articles related to "zonal":

Marking (association Football) - Zonal Marking
... Zonal marking is a defensive strategy where defenders cover an area of the pitch rather than marking a specific opponent ... The biggest advantage of zonal marking is its flexibility ... Communication is very important when zonal marking is used, to ensure that no gaps are left in the defensive coverage ...
Zonal And Poloidal
... In magnetic confinement fusion the zonal direction primarily connotes the poloidal direction (i.e ... the fusion context, usage is restricted to the context of zonal plasma flows and there will in general be a toroidal component in such flows as well ... Thus, although the term zonal has come into use in plasma physics to emphasize an analogy with zonal flows in geophysics, it does not uniquely identify the direction of flow, unlike the case in geophysics ...
Cyprus Davis Cup Team - History
... was relegated to the fourth and last zonal group in 1997 ... In 2007 Cyprus returned to the Zonal Group II and recorded their best result in 2009 where they fell one match shy of being promoted to the Zonal Group I ...
Craig Pritchett - Steady Results in British Chess Championships
... times in the British Chess Championships, with generally solid results, qualifying twice to Zonal tournaments. 7-11th places Blackpool 1971, 7/11, qualified for Zonal at Caorle 1972, where he struggled with just 6.5/17 Brighton 1972, 5.5/11 Eastbourne 1973, 6/1 ...