Zoids Customise Parts

Zoids Customise Parts (also referred to as Customise Parts or CPs) were a line of model kits released by TOMY as a part of the Zoids line.

The line consisted of additional weapons systems and equipment that could be added to existing Zoids. The line was composed of a mixture of new models and re-releases of parts from older models and upgrade kits.

The Customise Parts line was launched in 1999. It was cancelled in 2001, to make way for the Blox line. However, the line was briefly re-introduced during the Genesis line for the protagonist Zoids (sans the Murasame Liger) to correspond to the upgrades made to them midway into the series.

The Parts were released in three pairs: Set A contained the Bio Crusher sword for the Sword Wolf and the Wind Dancer thrusters for the Rainbow Jerk. Set B contained the Twinkle Breaker for the Lanstag, and the Scissor Claw for the Deadly Kong (in the anime, this weapon was actually part of the Deadly Kong to begin with, utilized through the removal of the bandages on the left arm. However, the "bandages" of the kit are fixed, thus the replacement component). Lastly, Set C contained the Soul Booster for the Soul Tiger (which was, in fact, a wingless variant of the original Rayse Tiger's Ptera Rayse) and the Grand Star lances for the Bamburian.

Read more about Zoids Customise PartsCP-01 Beam Cannon Set, CP-02 Assault Unit, CP-03 Beam Gatling, CP-04 Attack Unit, CP-05 Large-Bore Beam Cannon, CP-06 Bomber Unit, CP-07 Cannonry Unit, CP-08 Pile Bunker, CP-09 Booster Cannon, CP-10 Gojulas Cannons, CP-11 Manoeuvre Thrusters, CP-12 Attack Booster, CP-13 Wild Weasel Unit, CP-14 Viking Lance, CP-15 Assault Gatling Unit, CP-16 Zoid Controller, CP-17 Schneider Unit, CP-18 Impact Cannon, CP-19 Bind Container, CP-20 Jager Unit, CP-21 Panzer Unit, CP-22 Dual Sniper Rifle, CP-23 5-Shot Missile Pod, CP-24 Flexible Booster, CP-25 Active Shield, CP-26 Omni-Directional Missile Unit, CP-27 Storm (Sturm) Unit, CP-A1

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