Zach may refer to:

As a surname
  • Anton von Zach (1747-1826), Austrian general
  • Erwin von Zach (1872-1942), Austrian diplomat and sinologist
  • Franz Xaver von Zach (1754-1832), Austrian astronomer
  • Alexander Zach (born 1976), Austrian politician
  • František Zach (1807-1892), Czech-born soldier, military theorist and freedom fighter
  • Hilde Zach (1942–2011), first woman mayor of Innsbruck, Austria
  • Jan Zach (died 1773), Czech composer, violinist and organist
  • Michal Zach (born 1969), Czech football manager
  • Nathan Zach (born 1930), Israeli poet
As a given name
  • see Zechariah, which lists people named Zach
In astronomy
  • Zach (crater), on the Moon

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