Ye can refer to:

  • Ye (pronoun), a form of the second-person, personal pronoun "you"
  • Ye (surname), a Chinese surname
  • An archaic spelling of the English definite article (the). See Ye Olde, and the "Ye form" section of the page English articles.
  • Ye (Cyrillic) (Е), a Cyrillic letter
  • Ukrainian Ye (Є), a Cyrillic letter
  • Ye or Yeezy, a nickname of rapper Kanye West

In places:

  • Ye, ancient China, a city in ancient China
  • Ye County, in Henan, China
  • Yé, Lanzarote, a village on the island of Lanzarote
  • Ye, Myanmar, a small town located on the southern coast of Burma
  • Ye River, a river in Burma
  • Ye (Korea), an ancient Korean kingdom

As an abbreviation:

  • The ISO 3166-1 code for Yemen
  • .ye, the country code top-level domain for Yemen

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