Jacobite may refer to:

  • In ancient days, the term was used for the followers of faith propounded by a 6th century Bishop Jacob Baradaeus.
  • In Modern days, the following churches are called Jacobite Church:
    • Syriac Orthodox Church
      • Jacobite Syrian Christian Church
      • Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church
      • Malabar Independent Syrian Church
  • Syrian Jacobites
  • Jacobite, a follower of Jacobitism, the political movement dedicated to the return of the Stuart kings to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland.
  • Jacobite Risings, a series of uprisings, rebellions, and wars in the British Isles occurring between 1688 and 1746
  • Jacobite (dissenter), follower of Reverend Henry Jacob (1563–1624)
  • One of the tribes in the Book of Mormon
  • Jacobites (band), a British band featuring Nikki Sudden, Dave Kusworth and Epic Soundtracks
  • The Jacobite (steam train), a train in Scotland

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Scotland In The Early Modern Era - Political History - Early Eighteenth Century - Jacobite Risings
... Scotland, John Erskine, Earl of Mar, nicknamed Bobbin' John, raised the Jacobite clans but proved to be an indecisive leader and an incompetent soldier ... risings in northern England and southern Scotland, and the Jacobites fought their way into England before being defeated at the Battle of Preston, surrendering on 14 November 1715 ... An attempted Jacobite invasion with Spanish assistance in 1719 met with little support from the clans and ended in defeat at the Battle of Glen Shiel ...
Clifton Moor Skirmish
... Skirmish took place between forces of the British Hanoverian government and Jacobite rebels on 19 December 1745 ... commander of the British forces, the Duke of Cumberland, was aware of the Jacobite presence in Derby, the Jacobite leader Prince Charles Edward Stuart ...
Loch Arkaig Treasure - The Treasure Arrives
... However, on learning of the Jacobite defeat at the Battle of Culloden on 16 April, the ships left, unloading only the Spanish money at Loch nan Uamh ... As the Jacobite cause was by then lost, with the army scattered and the Prince and his lieutenants in hiding, the money was to be used to assist the Jacobite ... Their secret was entrusted to Murray of Broughton, one of the Jacobite fugitives ...
The March Of The Guards To Finchley - Historical Background
... The Jacobite risings were a series of rebellions affecting all of the British Isles except for Wales and that occurred between 1688 and 1746, four years before the painting of March of the Guards to Finchley ... Centred on attempts by Jacobites to restore James II and his descendants, the House of Stuart, to the throne, there were two major uprisings, referred to as the "First" and "Second" "J ... product of the disappointment of Charles Edward Stuart, the exiled Jacobite pretender, with the French's unwillingness to invade England to restore the House of ...