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Xenu - Commentary
... Rothstein observes that, "To my knowledge no real analysis of Scientology's Xenu myth has appeared in scholarly publications ... The most sober and enlightening text about the Xenu myth is probably the article on Wikipedia (English version) and, even if brief, Andreas Grünschloss's piece on Scientology in Lewis (2000 266–268 ... basic (sometimes implicit) mythology of the movement, the Xenu myth, which is basically a story of the origin of man on Earth and the human condition." Rothstein describes the phenomenon within ...
Xenu - Scientology Doctrine
... Within Scientology, the Xenu story is referred to as "The Wall of Fire" or "Incident II" ... The broad outlines of the story—that 75 million years ago a great catastrophe happened in this sector of the galaxy which caused profoundly negative effects ... Scientology forbade individuals from reading the OT III Xenu cosmogony without first having taken prerequisite courses ...
Xenu - Church of Scientology's Position
... has been reluctant to allow any mention of Xenu ... In the relatively few instances in which it has acknowledged Xenu, Scientology has stated the story is a religious writing that can be seen as the equivalent of ... several times publicly denied or minimized the importance of the Xenu story, but others have admitted its existence ...

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