Workers' Party - Current Workers' Parties

Current Workers' Parties

Country Party Political orientation
Algeria Workers' Party Trotskyist
Argentina Workers' Party Trotskyist
Bangladesh Workers Party of Bangladesh Communist
Barbados Workers Party of Barbados Marxist
Belgium Workers Party of Belgium Marxist
Brazil Workers' Party Social democratic
Czech Republic Workers' Party of Social Justice National Socialism
Egypt Workers Democratic Party Social democratic
Ecuador Workers' Party of Ecuador Communist
France Workers' Party Trotskyist
Finland Workers Party of Finland Marxist-Leninist
Guinea-Bissau Workers' Party Socialist
India (Maharashtra state) Peasants and Workers Party of India Marxist
India (West Bengal state) Workers Party of India Communist
Ireland Workers' Party of Ireland Marxist
New Zealand Workers Party of New Zealand Marxist
North Korea Workers' Party of Korea Juche
Paraguay Workers' Party
Singapore Workers' Party of Singapore Social democratic
Spain Workers' Party Communist
Sweden (Västerbotten County) Workers' Party Trotskyist
Turkey Workers' Party Maoism
United States Workers Party, USA Marxist-Leninist
Uruguay Workers' Party Trotskyist

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