Winkler may refer to:

  • Winkler, Manitoba, a Canadian city
  • Winkler scale, also known as the heat summation scale for classifying climates
  • Winkler (novel), by Giles Coren
  • Winkler (crater), a crater on the Moon
  • Winkler (surname), people with the surname Winkler or Winckler
  • 6473 Winkler, an asteroid

Other articles related to "winkler":

Lajos Winkler
... Lajos Winkler (May 21, 1863 – April 14, 1939) was a Hungarian analytical chemist ... He is best known today for his discovery of the Winkler method for the measurement of oxygen dissolved in water ...
Paul Winkler (director) - Career
... Born in Hamburg, Germany Winkler underwent a bricklaying apprenticeship before migrating to Australia in 1959 ... Winkler characterises his films as "a synthesis of intellect and emotion, filtered through the plastic material of film" ... In 1973, Winkler's film Dark identified with the Aboriginal land rights movement, acquiring a spirituality which was also manifested in Chants and Red Church ...
Angela Winkler - Biography
... Born in Templin, Winkler trained to be a medical technologist in Stuttgart ... Winkler performed in Berlin from 1971 to 1978 ... Angela Winkler lives with sculptor Wiegand Wittig and has four children ...
Tiberius Cornelis Winkler - Publications
... Winkler was very active as a populariser of science ... Just as importantly, Winkler translated numerous scientific works into Dutch ... Winkler also proved himself to be a vocal defender of the theory of evolution, to the extent that he did not wish to question - unlike, at the time, Darwin himself ...

Famous quotes containing the word winkler:

    A ship may belong to her captain, but the lifeboats belong to the crew.
    —John Farrow. Winkler (Claude Akins)