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Philippe Sollers

Philippe Sollers (; born Philippe Joyaux 28 November 1936, Bordeaux, France) is a French writer and critic. In 1960 he founded the avant garde journal Tel Quel (along with the writer and art critic Marcelin Pleynet), published by Seuil, which ran until 1982. In 1982 Sollers created the journal L'Infini published by Denoel which was later published under the same title by Gallimard for whom Sollers also edits the series.

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Tel Quel
... Quel (in English "as is") was an avant-garde literary magazine, founded in 1960 in Paris by Philippe Sollers and Jean-Edern Hallier and published by Éditions du Seuil ... The editors committee included Philippe Sollers, Jean-Edern Hallier, Jean-René Huguenin, Jean Ricardou, Jean Thibaudeau, Michel Deguy, Marcelin Pleynet, Denis Roche ... Faye, Julia Kristeva, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Marcelin Pleynet, Maurice Roche, Philippe Sollers, Tzvetan Todorov, Francis Ponge, Umberto Eco, Gérard Genette, Pierre ...
Philippe Sollers - Further Reading and Literary Criticism
... Roland Barthes, Writer Sollers, 1979, (ISBN 0-485-11337-6) Jacques Derrida, Dissemination, 1983, (ISBN 0-226-14334-1) Julia Kristeva, Polylogue, 1977, (ISBN 2-02-004 ...

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    Writing is the continuation of politics by other means.
    Philippe Sollers (b. 1936)