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Ivan Chtcheglov

Ivan Vladimirovitch Chtcheglov (Russian: Ива́н Влади́мирович Щегло́в; 16 January 1933–April 21 1998) was a French political theorist, activist and poet, born in Paris to Ukrainian father and French mother.

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Ivan Chtcheglov - Activities
... He and his friend Henry de Béarn planned to blow up the Eiffel Tower with some dynamite they had stolen from a nearby building site, because "its reflected light shone into their shared attic room and kept them awake at night." He was arrested at Les Cinq Billards on Rue Mouffetard in Paris and committed to a mental hospital by his wife, where he was subdued with insulin and shock therapy, and remained for 5 years ... He died in 1998 ...

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    A mental disease has swept the planet: banalization.... Presented with the alternative of love or a garbage disposal unit, young people of all countries have chosen the garbage disposal unit.
    Ivan Chtcheglov (b. 1934)