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Isaiah Berlin

Sir Isaiah Berlin OM, CBE, FBA (6 June 1909 – 5 November 1997), British of Russian-Jewish origin, was a social and political theorist, philosopher and historian of ideas, "thought by many to be the dominant scholar of his generation". He excelled as an essayist, conversationalist and raconteur; and as a brilliant lecturer who improvised, rapidly and spontaneously, richly allusive and coherently structured material. He translated works by Ivan Turgenev from Russian into English and, during the war, worked for the British Diplomatic Service. In its obituary of the scholar, The Independent stated that "Isaiah Berlin was often described, especially in his old age, by means of superlatives: the world's greatest talker, the century's most inspired reader, one of the finest minds of our time ... there is no doubt that he showed in more than one direction the unexpectedly large possibilities open to us at the top end of the range of human potential".

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Wolfson College, Oxford
... The liberal philosopher Sir Isaiah Berlin was the college's first president, and was instrumental in its founding ... The college houses The Isaiah Berlin Literary Trust and the annual Isaiah Berlin Lecture ...
List Of Liberal Theorists - Mill and Further, The Development of (international) Liberalism - Isaiah Berlin
... Isaiah Berlin (Latvia/United Kingdom, 1909–1997) is most famous for his attempt to distinguish 'two conceptions of liberty' ... Berlin argued that what he called 'positive' and 'negative' liberty were mutually opposing concepts ... These, Berlin felt, tended towards totalitarianism ...

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