Who is françois?


François /frænˈswɑː/ is a male French given name (first name), equivalent to the English name Francis. (See also related names Françoise, Francis, François-Dominique)

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Abraha Francois
... Francois was known for his ecumenical openness and for his activism against the Derg in Ethiopia ... He repeatedly protested against Soviet involvement in the Eritrean struggle for independence ...
The Fly (George Langelaan) - Plot Summary
... Helene seems surprisingly calm throughout the investigation, willing to answer all questions except one she will not give the reason for killing him ... Eventually she is sent to a mental asylum and Francois is given custody of his brother's young son, Henri ...
Robert Francois - Professional Career - Green Bay Packers
... On March 15, 2013, Francois re-signed with the Packers on a one-year deal. ...