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Annie Elizabeth Delany

Annie Elizabeth "Bessie" Delany (3 September 1891 - 25 September 1995) was an American dentist and civil rights pioneer who was the subject, along with her sister Sarah Louise Delany Sadie, of the New York Times bestselling oral history, Having Our Say, written by journalist Amy Hill Hearth. Delany earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Columbia University in 1923. She was the second Black woman licensed to practice dentistry in New York State, and became famous, with the publication of the book, at the age of 101.

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Annie Elizabeth Delany - Bibliography
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    I am a colored woman or a Negro woman. Either one is OK. People dislike those words now. Today these use this term African American. It wouldn’t occur to me to use that. I prefer to think of myself as an American, that’s all!
    Annie Elizabeth Delany (b. 1891)

    You are not a doctor of dentistry! You are a doctor of segregation!
    Annie Elizabeth Delany (b. 1891)

    ...you don’t have to be as good as white people, you have to be better or the best. When Negroes are average, they fail, unless they are very, very lucky. Now, if you’re average and white, honey, you can go far. Just look at Dan Quayle. If that boy was colored he’d be washing dishes somewhere.
    —Annie Elizabeth Delany (b. 1891)

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