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Lewis And Clark Expedition - Overview
... that this is "the last settlement of whites on this river." June 1 – The expedition reaches the Osage River ... October 24 – Met their first Mandan Chief, Big White ... Called because of its milky white appearance ...
White South African - Statistics - Religion
... Religion among white South Africans remains high compared to other white ethnic groups, but likewise it has shown a steady proportional drop in both ... Religious affiliation of white South Africans (2001 census) Religion Number Percentage (%) - Christianity 266. 86.8% - Dutch Reformed churches 861. 33.8% - Pentecostal/Charismatic/Apostolic ...
White Nationalism - South Africa
... In South Africa, white nationalism was championed by the National Party starting in 1948, as opposition to apartheid heated up ... (sometimes pejoratively referred to as Bantustans) for ten different black African tribes ... The ultimate goal of the National Party was to move all Black South Africans into one of these homelands (although they might continue to work in South Africa as "guest ...
List Of Dog Breeds - List With Classification and Standards
... States Hound Group Group 04 (Hounds) Hound Scenthound Boerboel South Africa FSS (Miscellaneous) Bohemian Shepherd Czech Republic Bolognese Italy Group 09 Section 01 #1 ... Terrier Terrier Terrier West Highland White Terrier Scotland Group 03 Section 02 #085 Terrier Group Group 2 (Terriers) Group 4 - Terrier Terrier Terrier Terrier ...
South African General Election, 1948 - Reasons For The National Party Victory
... One of the central issues facing the white electorate in the 1948 election was that of race ... While still seeking to maintain white dominance, the UP argued in favour of gradually reforming the political system so that black South Africans could ... races and the total disempowerment of black South Africans ...

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    Where do whites fit in the New Africa? Nowhere, I’m inclined to say ... and I do believe that it is true that even the gentlest and most westernised Africans would like the emotional idea of the continent entirely without the complication of the presence of the white man for a generation or two. But nowhere, as an answer for us whites, is in the same category as remarks like What’s the use of living? in the face of the threat of atomic radiation. We are living; we are in Africa.
    Nadine Gordimer (b. 1923)

    I’ve been looking at old-fashioned plaids, fingering
    Starched white collars, wondering whether there’s a way
    To get them really white again. My wife
    Thinks I’m in Oslo—Oslo, France, that is.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    They were more than hostile. In the first place, I was a south Georgian and I was looked upon as a fiscal conservative, and the Atlanta newspapers quite erroneously, because they didn’t know anything about me or my background here in Plains, decided that I was also a racial conservative.
    Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)