White Blood Cells

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... refers to the generation of lymphocytes, one of the five different types of white blood cells (WBC), and is also more formally called lymphoid hematopoiesis ... any molecule that can provoke an immune defense • B cells lymphocytes that ultimately produce antibodies • bone marrow the center of bones capable of producing all red and white blood cells in ...
Dioxidane - Uses - Biological Function
... Scientists found that hydrogen peroxide inside of cells increased after tissues are damaged in zebra fish, which is thought to act as a signal to white ... When the genes required to produce hydrogen peroxide were disabled, white blood cells did not accumulate at the site of damage ... which could explain why asthma sufferers have inappropriate levels of white blood cells in their lungs ...
List Of Minor The Mighty Boosh Characters - W - White Blood Cells
... Vince's white blood cells attempt to stop Howard and Lester from reaching the brain, but are convinced by Howard that they are trying to help when Howard performs a crimp with them about "the ...
ICD-10 Chapter III: Diseases Of The Blood And Blood-forming Organs, And Certain Disorders Involving - D50–D89 – Diseases of The Blood and Blood-forming Organs and Certain Disorders Involving The Immune - (D70–D77) Other Diseases of Blood and Blood-forming Organs
... NOS (D71) Functional disorders of polymorphonuclear neutrophils Cell membrane receptor complex (CR3) defect Chronic (childhood) granulomatous disease Congenital dysphagocytosis Progressive ...

Famous quotes containing the words cells, white and/or blood:

    They are sworn enemies of lyric poetry.
    In prison they accompany the jailer,
    Enter cells to hear confessions.
    Their short-end comes down
    When you least expect it.
    Charles Simic (b. 1938)

    I can’t really hear the audience applause when I’m on stage. I’m totally immersed in the piece. But sometimes I get a lot of it and wonder, “Now, why did they applaud here?” If it’s a white crowd, they usually applaud because they think it’s a pretty movement. If it’s a black crowd, it’s usually because they identify with the message.
    Judith Jamison (b. 1944)

    The blood blooms clean

    In you, ruby.
    The pain
    You wake to is not yours.
    Sylvia Plath (1932–1963)