What is Zeno?

  • (noun): Ancient Greek philosopher who formulated paradoxes that defended the belief that motion and change are illusory (circa 495-430 BC).
    Synonyms: Zeno of Elea
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Zeno is the common anglicized form of the Greek name Zenon (Ζηνων), derived from the theonym Zeus, often from the Semitic zayn meaning "graceful".

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Zeno - Other
... of the above novel Zenon The Zequel Zenon Z3 Zeno, ancient name for the village of Akköse Zeno (crater), a lunar impact crater, named for Zeno of Citium Zeno ...
The Republic (Zeno)
... The Republic of Zeno was a work written by Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoic philosophy at the beginning of the 3rd century BCE ...
Muhammad Bin Jamil Zeno - Controversy
... Zeno (as Zainu) features heavily in the 2005 report 'Saudi Publications On Hate Ideology Invade American Mosques' ... Zeno’s book, ‘Islamic Guidelines for Individual and Social Reform’, featured in the 2007 PBS Frontline documentary Homegrown Islam In Prison, which was part of the America ... Zeno featured heavily a study by the right-leaning Centre for Social Cohesion, 'Hate on the State How British libraries encourage Islamic extremism' by James ...
Leontius (usurper) - Biography
... Under Zeno he become magister militum per Thracias (Commander-in-chief of the Imperial army in Thrace) ... In 484, the Roman general Illus broke off his relationship with emperor Zeno ... Zeno was not popular with the people of Constantinople, a crucial part of Eastern Romans politics, because he was an Isaurian and as such he was considered a ...
List Of Stoic Philosophers - 3rd Century BC
... Zeno of Citium (c ... Persaeus (306-243 BC), Pupil and friend of Zeno. 245 BC), Pupil of Zeno and poet ...

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  • (noun): Ancient Greek philosopher who found the Stoic school (circa 335-263 BC).
    Synonyms: Zeno of Citium