What is Zaire?

  • (noun): The basic unit of money in Zaire.
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Congo Crisis

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Zaire - Standards and Abbreviations
... Regarding internet domains, Zaire's top-level domain was ".zr" ... It has since changed to ".cd" ...
List Of Assamiidae Species - Erecinae
... Erecula Erecula cincta Erecula crassipes — Zaire Erecula leleupi Erecula marmorata — Tanzania Erecula novemdentata Erecula pachypes — Zaire ...
Shaba II
... Mobutu of Zaire appealed for foreign assistance and French and Belgian military intervention beat back the invasion just as in 1977 ... and Cuba coaxed Angola and Zaire into negotiations leading to a non-aggression pact ... Zaire temporarily cutoff support to FLEC, the FNLA, and UNITA and Angola forbade further activity by the Shaba separatists ...

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