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Dei Filius - Name Used For The Church
... be construed as favouring the Anglican Branch Theory, raised objections to this expression, "Holy Roman Catholic Church" ... They proposed that the word "Roman" be omitted out of concern that use of the term "Roman Catholic" would lend support to proponents of the Branch Theory ... rejected this proposal, the text was finally modified to read "The Holy Catholic Apostolic and Roman Church" ...
LGBT In Mexico - Societal Prejudices and Terminologies - Roman Catholic Church
... Reinforcing attitudes toward homosexuality in Mexican culture is the stance of the Roman Catholic Church ... acceptable in parts of the country where the influence of the Catholic Church is strongest ... The new Catholic Catechism describes homosexual acts as a "grave depravity" and "intrinsically disordered." It states that lesbian and gay relationships are "contrary to ...
List Of Old Catholic Churches - Other Churches With Old Catholic Origins - United States and Canada: Autocephalous Bishoprics
... North American Old Roman Catholic Church (Landes Berghes) split after Carfora's Death in 5 bodies, among them North American Old Roman Catholic Church North American Old ... Bouffard) Apostolic Catholic Church in America (Washington state - Bishop Robert Withrow) Apostolic Catholic and Spiritual Church Caritas Catholic Church International Catholic Church ... MA - Inclusive of gays - Ordination of women and gays) Christ Catholic Church Christ Our Teacher Old Catholic Ministry (NJ - Most Rev ...
St. Thomas Roman Catholic Church And Howard-Flaget House
... Thomas Roman Catholic Church and Howard-Flaget House is a historic Roman Catholic church and home located at Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky ... The church is a brick, cross-shaped plan with a round apse ... Thomas is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Kentucky and considered "The Cradle of Catholicism in Kentucky." St ...
Culture Of England - Religion - Christianity
... Anglicanism • Roman Catholicism • Methodism • Pentecostal • Eastern Orthodox Churches (such as Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox) • Oriental ... When the Romans retreated from England, they left behind them a Christian culture, which was revived somewhat when missionaries arrived in the country from Scotland and Europe ... In 664, the English Church aligned itself completely with Roman Catholicism ...

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    The Catholic Church has never really come to terms with women. What I object to is being treated either as Madonnas or Mary Magdalenes.
    Shirley Williams (b. 1930)

    “To me it seems a shocking idea. I despise and loathe myself, and yet you thrust self at me from every corner of the church as though I loved and admired it. All religion does nothing but pursue me with self even into the next world.”
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)

    Semantically, taste is rich and confusing, its etymology as odd and interesting as that of “style.” But while style—deriving from the stylus or pointed rod which Roman scribes used to make marks on wax tablets—suggests activity, taste is more passive.... Etymologically, the word we use derives from the Old French, meaning touch or feel, a sense that is preserved in the current Italian word for a keyboard, tastiera.
    Stephen Bayley, British historian, art critic. “Taste: The Story of an Idea,” Taste: The Secret Meaning of Things, Random House (1991)

    Lord, have mercy on us.
    [Kyrie, eleison.]
    Missal, The. The Ordinary of the Mass.

    Missal is book of prayers and rites used to celebrate the Roman Catholic mass during the year.