What is wire?

  • (noun): A metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance.
    Synonyms: conducting wire
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A wire is a single, usually cylindrical, flexible strand or rod of metal. Wires are used to bear mechanical loads and to carry electricity and telecommunications signals. Wire is commonly formed by drawing the metal through a hole in a die or draw plate. Standard sizes are determined by various wire gauges. The term wire is also used more loosely to refer to a bundle of such strands, as in 'multistranded wire', which is more correctly termed a wire rope in mechanics, or a cable in electricity.

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Some articles on wire:

Hot-wire Foam Cutter - Types of Cutters - Tensioned Wire - Computer Numerically Controlled
... on each side of a block of foam guide a tensioned hot wire to form a prismatic or tapered shape ... and stiffness of the races supporting the end effectors which hold the tensioned wire ... Some CNC hot-wire cutters offer lathe attachments, which can be used with either stretched or preformed wire ...
Wiring Pencil
... A small reel of copper wire coated with a special insulating varnish is mounted on the end of the tool ... The wire runs down a thin tube in the center of the wiring pencil and the wiring pencil can be used to quickly and tightly wrap it onto connections and take it across the ... Sometimes, where there are many wires, plastic comb-like structures are used for wire management ...
Hot-wire Foam Cutter
... A hot-wire foam cutter is a tool used to cut polystyrene foam and similar materials ... The device consists of a thin, taut metal wire, often made of nichrome or stainless steel, or a thicker wire preformed into a desired shape, which is heated via ... As the wire is passed through the material to be cut, the heat from the wire vaporises the material just in advance of contact ...
Wide Field Infrared Explorer
... The Wide Field Infrared Explorer (WIRE) was a satellite launched on 5 March 1999 on the Pegasus XL rocket into a polar orbit between 409 km and 426 km above the Earth's surface ... WIRE was intended to be a four-month infrared survey of the entire sky at 21-27 micrometres and 9-15 micrometres, specifically focusing on starburst galaxies and ... On May 10, 2011 (around 0700 GMT) WIRE reentered Earth's atmosphere, according to the mission website ...
Wire - Varieties
... Hook-up wire is small-to-medium gauge, solid or stranded, insulated wire, used for making internal connections inside electrical or electronic devices ... Magnet wire is solid wire, usually copper, which, to allow closer winding when making electromagnetic coils, is insulated only with varnish, rather than the thicker plastic or other insulation commonly used ... further information about copper magnet wire, see Copper wire and cable#Magnet wire (Winding wire).) ...

More definitions of "wire":

  • (verb): String on a wire.
    Example: "Wire beads"
  • (noun): The finishing line on a racetrack.
  • (verb): Provide with electrical circuits.
    Example: "Wire the addition to the house"
  • (verb): Equip for use with electricity.
    Synonyms: electrify
  • (noun): Ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc.
  • (noun): A message transmitted by telegraph.
    Synonyms: telegram
  • (verb): Fasten with wire.
    Example: "The columns were wired to the beams for support"

Famous quotes containing the word wire:

    Constantly risking absurdity
    and death
    whenever he performs
    above the heads
    of his audience
    the poet like an acrobat
    climbs on rime
    to a high wire of his own making.
    Lawrence Ferlinghetti (b. 1919)

    God, I am caught in a snare!
    I know not what fine wire is round my throat;
    I only know I let him finger there
    My pulse of life, and let him nose like a stoat
    Who sniffs with joy before he drinks the blood.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    A new idea is rarely born like Venus attended by graces
    More commonly it’s modeled of baling wire and acne.
    More commonly it wheezes and tips over.
    Marge Piercy (b. 1936)