What is width?

  • (noun): The extent of something from side to side.
    Synonyms: breadth

Some articles on width, widths:

List Of Gear Nomenclature - Face Width
... The face width of a gear is the length of teeth in an axial plane ... Total face width is the actual dimension of a gear blank including the portion that exceeds the effective face width, or as in double helical gears where the total face width includes ... For a cylindrical gear, effective face width is the portion that contacts the mating teeth ...
London To Lewes Way (Roman Road) - Design and Construction
... The width of the road varies greatly between places, from as narrow as 4.4 metres (14 ft) to as wide as 10.5 metres (34 ft) at Butcher's Cross, Hartfield ... As no kerb was used the intended width is not known and spreading of material may have increased the eventual width ... the road crosses hillsides on terraceways the width is about 3.8 metres (12 ft) ...
Seat Configurations Of The Airbus A380
... The main deck measures 6.58 m (21 ft 7 in) in width and the upper deck 5.92 m (19 ft 5 in) ... Class First Business Economy First Business Premium Economy Economy Air France 516 Pitch/width 81"/35" – 32"/19" – 55"/34" – 32"/19" Electronic Art Gallery Seats 46 ... Configuration 1-2-1 3 ...
Surface Of Constant Width
... In geometry, a surface of constant width is a convex form whose width, measured by the distance between two opposite parallel planes touching its boundary, is the same regardless of the direction of ... One defines the width of the surface in a given direction to be the perpendicular distance between the parallels perpendicular to that direction ... Thus, a surface of constant width is the three-dimensional analogue of a curve of constant width, a two-dimensional shape with a constant distance between pairs of parallel tangent lines ...
Latent Image Barcode - Symbologies
... Two-width vs ... many-width Bars and spaces in two-width symbologies are wide or narrow the exact width of a wide bar has no significance as long as the symbology requirements for wide bars are ... Bars and spaces in many-width symbologies are all multiples of a basic width called the module most such codes use four widths of 1, 2, 3 and 4 modules ...

Famous quotes containing the word width:

    Newly stumbling to and fro
    All they find, outside the fold,
    Is a wretched width of cold.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)