What is virtual mode?

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X86 Assembly Language - Segmented Addressing
... The x86 architecture in real and virtual 8086 mode uses a process known as segmentation to address memory, not the flat memory model used in many other environments ... In real mode/protected only, for example, if DS contains the hexadecimal number 0xDEAD and DX contains the number 0xCAFE they would together point to the memory address 0xDEAD * 0x10 + 0xCAFE = 0xEB5CE ... Therefore, the CPU can address up to 1,048,576 bytes (1 MB) in real mode ...
Mode Series - Characters - Significant Secondary Characters
... Maresy becomes incarnate in a telepathic mare from Sequiro's Mode whose memories and personality have been erased due to persecution from the dominant horses of that society ... giving him the Chip that will allow him to travel to and exploit the Virtual Mode ... The mind predator, a creature of the Virtual Mode who attacks travelers whose minds are in conflict ...
Mode Series - Novels - DoOon Mode
... Colene and Darius and trained to become the next mode anchors ... Once on the Virtual Mode, the party attempts to evade the pursuit of the four unknown anchor persons ... returns after one week of her two-week treatment, and the anchor persons return to the Virtual Mode ...
Mode Series - Patterns
... The Mode series is written in alternating third person limited perspective ... In Virtual Mode, much time is spent on the Virtual Mode itself ... In Fractal Mode, the primary setting is Julia Mode, a fractal universe ...

Famous quotes containing the words mode and/or virtual:

    The character of the logger’s admiration is betrayed by his very mode of expressing it.... He admires the log, the carcass or corpse, more than the tree.... What right have you to celebrate the virtues of the man you murdered?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Tragedy dramatizes human life as potentiality and fulfillment. Its virtual future, or Destiny, is therefore quite different from that created in comedy. Comic Destiny is Fortune—what the world will bring, and the man will take or miss, encounter or escape; tragic Destiny is what the man brings, and the world will demand of him. That is his Fate.
    Susanne K. Langer (1895–1985)