The term offset may refer to:

  • Carbon offset, a financial instrument aimed at a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Offset agreement, trade practice in Aerospace and Defense Industry
  • Offset (computer science), a number indicating the distance (displacement) from the start of a data structure object and up to a given element
  • DC offset, the mean amplitude of a (typically electronic) waveform
  • Offset (gears), the perpendicular distance between the axes of hypoid gears or offset face gears
  • Offset (wheel), an important dimension of a vehicle wheel
  • Offset dish antenna, a type of satellite dish
  • Offset loan (finance), a type of flexible lending arrangement
  • Offset printing, a printing technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface
  • Offset Software, a game development company
  • Project Offset, the working title for a first-person shooter video game by Offset Software
  • Offsets, layers of plants in the plant nursery business
  • Offset (film), a 2006 film with Răzvan Vasilescu and Alexandra Maria Lara
  • Frequency offset, the difference between the frequency of a source and a reference frequency

See also:

  • Displacement (vector), specifies the position of a point or a particle in reference to an origin or to a previous position
  • Offset (geometry), the shape driven out from an original shape in equal distance and direction, normally or perpendicularly to the original shape
  • Control offset the allowance set in a control system between the optimal desired figure and the actual figure tolerated

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Special Reconnaissance - Appropriate Missions - Offensive Missions - Offset GOLIS
... Offset beacons work reasonably well for direct-fire helicopter and fixed-wing gunships (e.g ... Offset is not as accurate as straight-line firing, but, especially when night or weather effects limit visibility, it may be the only alternative ... Offset beacons, as well as passive reflectors, can be used for radar attack, although it is not as accurate as radar ...
Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy - Methods
... measurements one at the surface and one at an offset position of typically a few millimetres away ... To do this without using an offset measurement would be severely restricted by photon shot noise generated by Raman and fluorescence signals ... Component Analysis are used, it is necessary to take several spectra at varied offset distances ...
... istream seekg ( streampos position ) istream seekg ( streamoff offset, ios_baseseekdir dir ) position is the new position in the stream buffer ... offset is an integer value of type streamoff representing the offset in the stream's buffer ... that can take any of the following constant values ios_basebeg (offset from the beginning of the stream's buffer) ...
List Of Gear Nomenclature - Offset
... Offset is the perpendicular distance between the axes of hypoid gears or offset face gears ... In the diagram to the right, (a) and (b) are referred to as having an offset below center, while those in (c) and (d) have an offset above center ... In determining the direction of offset, it is customary to look at the gear with the pinion at the right ...