Directory may refer to:

  • Directory (file systems), or folder, a file system structure in which to store computer files
  • Directory (databases), stored information about a database
  • Directory service, a software application for organizing information about a computer network's users and resources
  • Directory (political), a small group of influential states that is said to 'direct' the agenda
  • French Directory, the government in revolutionary France from 1795 to 1799
  • Telephone directory, a book which allows telephone numbers to be found given the subscriber's name
  • Trade directory, a listing of information about suppliers and manufacturers
  • Web directory, an organized collection of links to websites

Other articles related to "directory":

Lsattr - Attributes
... update atime (A) synchronous updates (S) synchronous directory updates (D) append only (a) compressed (c) no dump (d) immutable (i) data journaling (j) secure deletion (s) top of directory hierarchy (T ...
Side-by-side Assembly - WinSxS
... Operating system files in the WinSxS directory are hard linked to their usual locations in the Windows directory structure ... The same file may be linked from a directory in WinSxS and from, say, the System32 directory ... importance, from Vista onward the WinSxS directory is owned by the Trusted Installer service SID ...
... known as Sobi2) is an open source web directory component and content construction kit (CCK) for the Joomla! content management system (CMS) ... to Joomla that makes it possible to run and manage a directory in a Joomla website ... Sobi2 on the other hand has many features that make it stand out from other directory components ...
Shopping Directory
... A shopping directory is a "Yellow Pages Directory Style" website similar to the Open Directory Project or the Yahoo! Directory with focus on sites that sell products or services, usually referred to as ecommerce ... A shopping directory is different than a shopping search engine or shopping comparison site ...

Famous quotes containing the word directory:

    An actor who knows his business ought to be able to make the London telephone directory sound enthralling.
    Donald Sinden (b. 1923)

    Although then a printer by trade, he listed himself in this early directory as an antiquarian. When he was asked the reason for this he replied that he always thought every town should have at least one antiquarian, and since none appeared for the post, he volunteered.
    —For the State of Iowa, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)