What is virtual machine?

Virtual Machine

A virtual machine (VM) is a simulation of a machine (abstract or real) that is usually different from the target machine (where it is being simulated on). Virtual machines may be based on specifications of a hypothetical computer or emulate the architecture and functioning of a real world computer.

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List Of VMware Software - Products - Other Products
... Standalone (free) versions and is designed primarily for the following tasks Convert a physical machine into a virtual machine referred to as Physical-to-Virtual or P2V ... Convert a virtual machine of one type into another (V2V) Run automated configuration tasks on VMware ESX/ESXi servers ... A P2V conversion can be done from any physical machine running Microsoft Windows (XP or later) or Linux based (Linux only works on Standalone version) ...
Chomski - Features
... For example, sed includes two virtual variables or data buffers, known as the "pattern space" and the "hold space" ... These two variables constitute an extremely simple virtual machine ... In the Chomski language this virtual machine has been augmented with several new buffers or registers along with a number of commands to manipulate these buffers ...
Types of Software Appliances - Virtual Appliance
... A software appliance can be packaged in a virtual machine format as a virtual appliance, allowing it to be run within a virtual machine container ... A virtual appliance could be built using either a standard virtual machine format such as OVF (Open Virtualization Format), or a format specific to a particular virtual machine container ...
List of Virtual Machine Software
... Process (application) virtual machine software Baan Bshell Virtual Machine, Baan 4GL Common Language Infrastructure, C#, Visual Basic.NET, J#, C++/CLI (formerly Managed C++) Dalvik virtual ... VX32 virtual machine, application-level virtualization for native code Waba, virtual machine for small devices, similar to Java Warren Abstract Machine, Prolog ... provide high assurance for embedded systems on x86 Windows Virtual PC (formerly Microsoft Virtual PC) and Microsoft Virtual Server Oracle VM OVPsim ...
Parallels Server For Mac
... While in beta, Parallels Server for Mac did not allow running Mac OS X Server in a virtual machine however, Apple eased up on its licensing ...

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