What is Unitarian?

  • (noun): Adherent of Unitarianism.
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South Unitarian Church
... South Unitarian Church is an historic Unitarian church building at 888 Main Street in the Main South neighborhood of Worcester, Massachusetts. 5, 1980, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places as South Unitarian ...
Sándor Bölöni Farkas
... Farkas was a Hungarian Szekler Unitarian who was instrumental in making a connection between American and British Unitarians and the surviving Unitarian Church in Transylvania ... He was the first Hungarian Unitarian to visit America, as the secretary to Count Francis Beldi on a trip to Paris and America ... His Account of the Unitarians of Transylvania, was communicated in Latin to the Secretary of the British and Foreign Unitarian Association and published in The Unitarian advocate and religious ...
Stephen Nye - Works
... Nye wrote Brief History of the Unitarians also called Socinians (published anonymously in 1687, expanded 1691) ... Although the term “Unitarian” was already known in England from the Latin Library of the Polish Brethren called Unitarians published in Amsterdam (1665-1668), and had ... Nye distinguished Unitarian views from those of Arius (Arian views) and Fausto Sozzini (Socinian views) ...
Second Unitarian Church
... Second Unitarian Church (now known as Temple Sinai) is a historic church and synagogue building at 11 Charles Street in Brookline, Massachusetts ... Thee Colonial Revival/Georgian Revival meeting house was built in 1916 for a Unitarian congregation ...

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  • (adj): Of or relating to or characterizing Unitarianism.

Famous quotes containing the word unitarian:

    I am so much a Unitarian as this: that I believe the human mind can admit but one God, and that every effort to pay religious homage to more than one being goes to take away all right ideas.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)