Polish Brethren

The Polish Brethren (Polish: bracia polscy) were members of the Minor Reformed Church of Poland, a Nontrinitarian Protestant church that existed in Poland from 1565 to 1658. By those on the outside, they were called "Arians" or "Socinians" (Polish: arianie, socynianie), but themselves preferred simply to be called "Brethren" or "Christians," and, after their expulsion from Poland, "Unitarians".

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Wacław Potocki - Biography
... Potocki was born to a minor szlachta family, belonging to the Arian Christian sect of the Polish brethren ... It is likely the he attended the Polish brethren Racibórz academy ... Swedish invasion and occupation of Poland from 1655 to 1657), the Polish brethren were sentenced to be exiled from the Commonwealth for their support of the invading ...
Marcin Czechowic - Life - Conversion To The Polish Brethren
... Major to the Unitarian Ecclesia Minor, or Polish Brethren ... He has been described as the "Pope" of the Polish brethren, though this is something of an exaggeration - it is perhaps more that as a native Pole among so many German, Italian and French exiles he had more ... Czechowic, like most of the Polish Brethren, was not supportive of the personal idea of Fausto Sozzini that baptism is not necessary for individuals who believe and who have ...
Sandomierz Agreement
... reached in 1570 in Sandomierz between a number of Protestant groups in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth ... Calvinists, the Lutherans, and the Bohemian Brethren, and to face Counter-Reformation as a united front ... The Polish Brethren did not participate in the talks that resulted in the agreement, signed on April 14, 1570 ...
Polish Brethren - Influence - In The Modern Era
... In the Second Polish Republic, 1937, priest Karol Grycz-Śmiałowski recreated what he considered was a revival of the Church of Polish Brethren in Kraków ... Poland it was registered in 1967 as the Unity of Polish Brethren (Jednota Braci Polskich) ... Modern groups which look to the Polish Brethren include the Christadelphians and CoGGC ...
History Of Unitarianism - Historical Antecedents - The Protestant Reformation - Poland
... The Polish Brethren began as a grouping of Arians and Unitarians who split from the Polish Calvinist Church in 1565, though by 1580 the Unitarian views of Fausto Sozzini (hence the ... Bibliotheca Fratrum Polonorum quos Unitarios vocant (Library of the Polish Brethren who are called Unitarians 4 vols ... excluded anti-Trinitarians from the existing synod of the Polish Reformed Church (henceforth the Ecclesia maior) and Unitarians began to hold their own synods as the ...

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