What is true?

  • (adj): Accurately fitted; level.
    Example: "The window frame isn't quite true"
    Synonyms: straight
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True Crime - The Modern Genre
... Prominent true crime accounts include Helter Skelter by lead Manson family prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry Ann Rule's The Stranger Beside Me, about Ted Bundy ... An example of such a modern true crime book is Mark Coakley's Tip and Trade How Two Lawyers Made Millions from Insider Trading ... Although true crime books often center on sensational, shocking, or strange events, a secondary part of their appeal is social realism, which describes events too mundane, risqué, or deviant for ...
Names Of God - Literature and Fiction
... character associated with Jesus) in Old Solar, the true language in the Space Trilogy books by C ... In the movie Pi, the characters are looking for the true name of god, which is 216 letters long ... character seeks out the pages of the Grand Grimoire which can be commanded to reveal the true lost name of God ...
Justified True Belief
... Justified true belief is a definition of knowledge that is most frequently credited to Plato and his dialogues ... The concept of justified true belief states that in order to know that a given proposition is true, one must not only believe the relevant true proposition, but one must ... a subject S knows that a proposition P is true if and only if P is true S believes that P is true, and S is justified in believing that P is true This theory of knowledge suffered ...
True Crime - Origins of The Genre
... According to Joyce Carol Oates Accounts of true crime have always been enormously popular among readers ... The most famous chronicler of true crime trials in English history is the amateur criminologist William Roughead, a Scots lawyer who between 1889 and 1949 ... Roughead's influence was enormous, and since his time "true crime" has become a crowded, flourishing field, though few writers of distinction have ...
True - Places
... True, West Virginia, U.S ... True, Wisconsin, U.S ... True, County Tyrone, a townland in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland ...

More definitions of "true":

  • (adj): Not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed.
    Example: "True grief"
    Synonyms: genuine, unfeigned
  • (adj): Conforming to definitive criteria.
    Example: "The horseshoe crab is not a true crab"; "Pythagoras was the first true mathematician"
  • (verb): Make level, square, balanced, or concentric.
    Example: "True up the cylinder of an engine"
    Synonyms: true up
  • (adj): Reliable as a basis for action.
    Example: "A true prophesy"
  • (adj): In tune; accurate in pitch.
    Example: "A true note"
    Synonyms: on-key
  • (adj): Accurately placed or thrown.
    Example: "His aim was true"
    Synonyms: dead on target
  • (adj): Determined with reference to the earth's axis rather than the magnetic poles.
    Example: "True north is geographic north"
  • (adj): Expressing or given to expressing the truth.
    Example: "A true statement"
    Synonyms: truthful
  • (adj): Worthy of being depended on.
    Example: "He was true to his word"; "I would be true for there are those who trust me"
    Synonyms: dependable, honest, reliable
  • (adj): Devoted (sometimes fanatically) to a cause or concept or truth.
    Example: "True believers bonded together against all who disagreed with them"
  • (adj): Not synthetic or spurious; of real or natural origin.
    Example: "True gold"
    Synonyms: real
  • (noun): Proper alignment; the property possessed by something that is in correct or proper alignment.
    Example: "Out of true"
  • (adj): Consistent with fact or reality; not false.
    Example: "The story is true"; "it is undesirable to believe a proposition when there is no ground whatever for supposing it true"- B. Russell; "the true meaning of the statement"
  • (adj): Rightly so called.
    Example: "True courage"; "a spirit which true men have always admired"; "a true friend"
  • (adj): Having a legally established claim.
    Example: "The true and lawful king"
    Synonyms: lawful, rightful

Famous quotes containing the word true:

    In all sincerity, we offer to the loved ones of all innocent victims over the past 25 years, abject and true remorse. No words of ours will compensate for the intolerable suffering they have undergone during the conflict.
    —Combined Loyalist Military Command. New York Times, p. A12 (October 14, l994)

    A true voluptuary will never abandon his mind to the grossness of reality. It is by exalting the earthly, the material, the physique of our pleasures, by veiling these ideas, by forgetting them altogether, or, at least, never naming them hardly to one’s self, that we alone can prevent them from disgusting.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)

    It’s not true I had nothing on. I had the radio on.
    Marilyn Monroe (1926–1962)