What is triple?

  • (verb): Increase threefold.
    Example: "Triple your income!"
    Synonyms: treble
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Triple, a doublet of "treble" or "threefold" (from Latin triplus, "triple"; cf. "double" from duplus), is used in several contexts:

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2MMM (identified on air and in print as Triple M) is a radio station broadcasting in Sydney, Australia ... Triple M Sydney is part of the Austereo Triple M network and broadcasts on the 104.9 MHz frequency ...
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... The 1993 Triple J Hottest 100, counted down in January 1994, was the first countdown of the most popular songs of the year, according to listeners of the ...
Triple - Other Uses
... Triple (novel), a novel by Ken Follett Triples (cereal), a breakfast cereal made by General Mills in the 1990s A humorous paraprosdokian consisting of three statements, in which the third ...
Triple Test
... The triple test, also called triple screen, the Kettering test or the Bart's test, is an investigation performed during pregnancy in the second trimester ... The Triple test measures serum levels of AFP, estriol, and beta-hCG, with a 70% sensitivity and 5% false-positive rate ... The Triple test can be understood as an early predecessor to a long line of subsequent technological improvements ...

More definitions of "triple":

  • (adj): Having three units or components or elements.
    Example: "Overcrowding made triple sessions necessary"; "triple time has three beats per measure"
    Synonyms: ternary, treble, triplex
  • (noun): A quantity that is three times as great as another.
  • (verb): Hit a three-base hit.

Famous quotes containing the word triple:

    And we fairies, that do run
    By the triple Hecate’s team
    From the presence of the sun,
    Following darkness like a dream,
    Now are frolic. Not a mouse
    Shall disturb this hallowed house.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    And DANTE searched the triple spheres,
    Moulding nature at his will,
    So shaped, so colored, swift or still,
    And, sculptor-like, his large design
    Etched on Alp and Apennine.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Their martyred blood and ashes sow
    O’er all the Italian fields where still doth sway
    The triple tyrant; that from these may grow
    A hundredfold, who, having learnt thy way,
    Early may fly the Babylonian woe.
    John Milton (1608–1674)