What is Swedish?

  • (noun): A Scandinavian language that is the official language of Sweden and one of two official languages of Finland.
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Hisingen - History
... by the Treaty of Roskilde, it was divided into a Swedish and a Norwegian part ... The division continued in the official name of the provincial districts of Swedish and Norwegian Hisingen or "Svenska Hisingens härad" and "Norska Hisingens härad", until 1681 when they ... For most of the 20th century, until the shipyard crisis in the 1970s, the island was the focus for Swedish shipbuilding ...
Hasselblad - Company History - World War II
... During World War II, the Swedish military captured a fully functioning German aerial surveillance camera from a downed German plane ... The Swedish government realised the strategic advantage of developing an aerial camera for their own use, and in the spring of 1940 approached Victor Hasselblad to help create one ... By late 1941, the operation had over 20 employees and the Swedish Air Force asked for another camera, one which would have a larger negative and could be permanently mounted ...
Fennoman Movement - History
... Svecomans, tried to defend the status of Swedish and the ties to the Germanic world ... of the first generation of Fennomans were originally Swedish-speaking as their mother tongue ... Some of the originally Swedish-speaking Fennomans learned Finnish, and made a point of using it inside and outside the home ...
Yngve Zotterman
... - 13 March 1982 in Stockholm) was a Swedish neurophysiologist who received his medical training at the Karolinska Institute ... He was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in 1949, and of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1953 ...
Kvenland and Kvens Later in Historical Time
... As the first known written Swedish account, Eric's Chronicle, came out as late as the 14th century, the terms "Kvenland" and "Kven" are not found in ... not yet a state, ceased to exist in the 13th century along with the Swedish conquest that incorporated it to Sweden as provinces ... who started moving to northern Fennoscandia around the time of the Swedish conquest ...

More definitions of "Swedish":

  • (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of Sweden or its people or culture or language.
    Example: "The Swedish King"; "Swedish punch"; "Swedish umlauts"