What is stitch?

  • (verb): Fasten by sewing; do needlework.
    Synonyms: sew, run up, sew together
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Lilo & Stitch (film Series) - Video Games - Stitch! Video Games
... Disney's Stitch Jam, known in Japan as Stitch! DS Ohana to Rhythm de Daibouken (スティッチ!DS オハナとリズムで大冒険?, Stitch! DS A Great Adventure of Ohana and Rhythm), is ... Different from past Lilo Stitch adaptations, Disney's Stitch Jam is a rhythm game ... Players can take control of Stitch and friends in variety of missions set in space, out on the seas, and in a variety of areas by touching the notes and exclamation marks ...
Stitch Me Back/Meet Me At Eight
... "Stitch Me Back" / "Meet Me At Eight" is the second release by the band Blood Red Shoes, released on 20 February 2006 on the Try Harder label ... The single was a double A-side release, however "Stitch Me Back" endured as the more prominent of the two songs, as it continued to be played live by the band during their album ...
Stitch - Other Meanings
... produce a panorama or high-resolution image, most commonly through the use of computer software Stitch and glue, a DIY method Stitches The Journal of Medical ...
Lilo & Stitch (film Series)
... The Lilo Stitch films series consists of four films, created by Walt Disney Studios ... Beyond the four films, a television series entitled (Lilo Stitch The Series) was made between 2003 and 2006 ... anime version of the series entitled (Stitch!) was launched in 2008 ...
Lilo & Stitch (film Series) - Reception - Critical Reaction
... Film Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic Yahoo! Movies Lilo Stitch 85% (145 reviews) 73% (30 reviews) B (14 reviews) Lilo Stitch 2 Stitch Has a Glitch 40% (10 reviews) Stitch! The Movie Leroy Stitch ...

More definitions of "stitch":

  • (noun): Sewing consisting of a link or loop or knot made by drawing a threaded needle through a fabric.
  • (noun): A sharp spasm of pain in the side resulting from running.

Famous quotes containing the word stitch:

    Oh demon within,
    I am afraid and seldom put my hand up
    to my mouth and stitch it up
    covering you, smothering you
    from the public voyeury eyes
    of my typewriter keys.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)