Stitch or Stitches may refer to:

  • Stitch (textile arts), a single loop of thread or yarn in the textile arts
    • Blanket stitch, used to reinforce the edge of thick materials
    • Cable knitting is a style of knitting in which the order of stitches is permuted
    • Chain stitch in which a series of looped stitches form a chain-like pattern
    • Cross-stitch
    • Embroidery stitch
    • Garter stitch, the most basic form of welting
    • Lockstitch
  • Stitch, a common term for Surgical suture, a method of medical care to close wounds
  • Stitch, a common term for Side stitch, an intense stabbing pain during exercise

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Other articles related to "stitches":

Straight Stitch
... is a class of simple embroidery and sewing stitches in which individual stitches are made without crossing or looping the thread ... These stitches are used to form broken or unbroken lines or starbursts, fill shapes, and create geometric designs ... and darning stitch are all classed as straight or flat stitches ...
Pad Stitch
... Pad stitches are a type of running stitch made by placing small stitches perpendicular to the line of stitching ... Pad stitches secure two or more layers of fabric together and give the layers more firmness smaller and denser stitches create more firmness ...
Shell Stitch - Construction
... The basic method of producing shell stitches is to anchor several long stitches into the same base, anchoring both ends with short stitches in a manner that spreads out the cluster like a fan ... Variant patterns may use longer stitches such as triple crochet, may vary the number of stitches, or alter the anchoring method ... When the entire fabric consists of shell stitches the visual effect may be enhanced by alternating two or three different colors one for each row ...
Stitches - Other Meanings
... use of computer software Stitch and glue, a DIY method Stitches The Journal of Medical Humour, a Canadian humour magazine Stitches (store), a Canadian ...
Smocking - Method
... Individual smocking stitches also vary considerably in tightness, so embroiderers usually work a sampler for practice and reference when they begin to learn smocking ... dots in a grid pattern on the wrong side of the fabric and gathering it with temporary running stitches ... These stitches are anchored on each end in a manner that facilitates later removal and are analogous to basting stitches ...