What is smoke?

  • (noun): (baseball) a pitch thrown with maximum velocity.
    Example: "He showed batters nothing but smoke"
    Synonyms: fastball, heater, hummer, bullet
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Smoke is a collection of airborne solid and liquid particulates and gases emitted when a material undergoes combustion or pyrolysis, together with the quantity of air that is entrained or otherwise mixed into the mass. It is commonly an unwanted by-product of fires (including stoves, candles, oil lamps, and fireplaces), but may also be used for pest control (cf. fumigation), communication (smoke signals), defensive and offensive capabilities in the military (smoke-screen), cooking (smoked salmon), or smoking (tobacco, cannabis, etc.). Smoke is used in rituals, when incense, sage, or resin is burned to produce a smell for spiritual purposes. Smoke is sometimes used as a flavoring agent, and preservative for various foodstuffs. Smoke is also a component of internal combustion engine exhaust gas, particularly diesel exhaust.

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Some articles on smoke:

Medicinal Smoke
... Throughout recorded history, humans have used the smoke of medicinal plants to cure illness ... More than 300 plant species in 5 continents are used in smoke form for different diseases ... More importantly, generating smoke reduces the particle size to a microscopic scale thereby increasing the absorption of its active chemical principles ...
Saint Anna (comics) - Smoke
... Smoke is a mutant villain in the Marvel Comics Universe ... Smoke was killed by Wolverine in X-Force #120 (September 2001), while attempting to kill Orphan ... Smoke had the ability to generate smoke clouds and various gases, including toxic ones ...

More definitions of "smoke":

  • (noun): An indication of some hidden activity.
    Example: "With all that smoke there must be a fire somewhere"
  • (noun): Tobacco leaves that have been made into a cylinder.
    Synonyms: roll of tobacco
  • (verb): Inhale and exhale smoke from cigarettes, cigars, pipes.
    Example: "We never smoked marijuana"; "Do you smoke?"
  • (noun): A cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas.
    Synonyms: fume
  • (noun): Something with no concrete substance.
    Example: "His dreams all turned to smoke"; "it was just smoke and mirrors"
  • (noun): A hot vapor containing fine particles of carbon being produced by combustion.
    Example: "The fire produced a tower of black smoke that could be seen for miles"
    Synonyms: smoking
  • (verb): Emit a cloud of fine particles.
    Synonyms: fume
  • (noun): The act of smoking tobacco or other substances.
    Example: "He went outside for a smoke"; "smoking stinks"
    Synonyms: smoking

Famous quotes containing the word smoke:

    Gossip is a sort of smoke that comes from the dirty tobacco-pipes of those who diffuse it: it proves nothing but the bad taste of the smoker.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)

    Than smoke and mist who better could appraise
    The kindred spirit of an inner haze?
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Heap up great wealth in your house, if you wish, and live as a tyrant, but, if the enjoyment of these things be lacking, I would not buy the rest for the shadow of smoke as against happiness.
    Sophocles (497–406/5 B.C.)