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Third-hand Smoke - Public Awareness and Implications
... Third-hand smoke is a relatively newly-discovered concept, and public awareness of it is lower than that of second-hand smoke ... of non-smokers and 43 percent of smokers recognised the potential risks of third-hand smoke ... term or specific concept of thirdhand smoke ...
Calabasas, California - Second-Hand Smoke Ordinance
... In February 2006, Calabasas enacted the Comprehensive Second-Hand Smoke Control Ordinance that prohibits smoking in all public places in the City of Calabasas where other persons may ... The Comprehensive Second-Hand Smoke Control Ordinance was expanded in the beginning of 2008 requiring 80% of rental apartment buildings to be permanently designated as non-sm ...
Passive Smoking - Controversy Over Harm - Tobacco Industry Response - Position of Major Tobacco Companies
... The positions of major tobacco companies on the issue of second-hand smoke is somewhat varied ... the methodology of studies showing that second-hand smoke is harmful ... American Tobacco and Philip Morris) acknowledge the medical consensus that second-hand smoke carries health risks, while others continue to assert that the evidence is inconclusive ...
Passive Smoking - Controversy Over Harm - Tobacco Industry Response
... Measures to tackle second-hand smoke pose a serious economic threat to the tobacco industry, having broadened the definition of smoking beyond a personal habit to ... increasing public concerns about second-hand smoke as "the most dangerous development to the viability of the tobacco industry that has yet occurred." In ... to minimise the impact on their business The industry has sought to position the second-hand smoke debate as essentially concerned with civil liberties and smokers' rights rather than with health, by funding ...
Passive Smoking
... Passive smoking is the inhalation of smoke, called second-hand smoke (SHS), or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), by persons other than the intended 'active ... It occurs when tobacco smoke permeates any environment, causing its inhalation by people within that environment ... Exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke causes disease, disability, and death ...

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    O women, kneeling by your altar-rails long hence,
    When songs I wove for my beloved hide the prayer,
    And smoke from this dead heart drifts through the violet air
    And covers away the smoke of myrrh and frankincense;
    Bend down and pray for all that sin I wove in song....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and the LORD your God brought you out from there with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm; therefore the LORD your God commanded you to keep the sabbath day.
    Bible: Hebrew, Deuteronomy 5:15.

    See Exodus 22:8 for a different version of this fourth commandment.